Saturday, August 7, 2010

Educating the Human Mind

"The ultimate goal of Sanctuary should be to change the ways that humans think of, and treat, non-human animals.  The Claire Foundation Animal Sanctuary is committed to the deep ecology of our human/animal connection, and how it can change the world." -- The Claire Foundation Mission Statement

As I read over the mission statement for our Sanctuary, I am filled with awe and love for the gift of this work.  Each and every life form on this land is a part of Sanctuary, not just the animals that have been 'rescued.'  There is a web of life that has nothing to do with the forms themselves, and everything to do with the larger Self that we all share.

In this little miniature of the world, we strive to awaken to the Love that lives us.  We strive to respect all life, without expecting it to be human, or ascribe human thoughts and limitations to it. 

You may think it strange that I call it Love that lives us.  After all, the feral cats sometimes kill the birds and bunnies, and the coyotes sometimes eat the cats, and the hawks and owls and black snakes all eat what is smaller.  So the appearance is one of competition and conflict.  But there is a larger context in which none of those human judgements are true at all.  There is a beauty and safety and harmony that simply IS.  

Without our human judgements, we fall again into the rhythm of Life, which is infinite.  Claire, my beloved canine companion of 15 years, passed on in December of last year.  But her wisdom, spirit, and even the remnants of her body, are forever a part of this land and its inhabitants.  Each and every frog and mushroom and bird and cat and dog and horse are forever contributing to this collective Being that we are.  

All fear and competition falls away as we realize that Life is One.  And my hope is that you will also provide sanctuary, even on a small scale, for the Life that we are.  Because we are all blessed by it beyond measure.

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