Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Riding the Waves

Making ends meet in a non-profit these days is like riding the ocean waves... on a quiet day, the steady waves are easily and pleasurably navigated even by children.  But there are times when the waves are so big that they threaten to engulf you... unless you learn to surf, and ride the waves home.

Well, economically the waves this past year have been huge.  Somehow we've learned to surf!  Even in the months when it looked like there was no way, somehow we've come through.  Riding the waves is not as fun as it sounds... it's downright scary when you don't know exactly where the next dollar is coming from.  But we are making it!  And a lot of thanks goes to organizations like The Katy Favre Foundation, and the Rainbow Ranch, whose support and donations have helped immeasurably in 2010.

So now, in 2011, we are optimistic that the waves will die down, and we can float on our backs a bit more... perhaps even have the funds to buy the new tractor and the new dog fencing and dog doors that we need, or even a big bequest that would pay off the mortgage and put the land in trust for the animals, in perpetuity.  Now THAT would be something! 

Maybe the waves we'll be riding this year will be waves of big dreams that really do come true! In the meantime, with your help, we'll continue to ride the waves that come.